‘Where are we in Beverley?’

I loudly exclaimed to my dog, sat next to me in my car, and who gave me a quick wag of the tail. Soon, another dog caught her eye and ignored me to stare at her next frenemy. 

I sighed, misting the windscreen in front of me. I had just parked up on the side of the road running through Beverley Westwood and already I could feel the cold creeping in. Quickly, turning up the heating, the dusty smell hitting in my face and bouncing off the rim of my flat cap, I checked Google Maps again and suddenly knew where to go. Pausing at turning the ignition on, I looked out again at Beverley Westwood, mirroring my dog (except for the panting, because, hey, that would be weird) and murmured.

‘Why haven’t I been here before?’

I still couldn’t believe it. In all my life, this park is only 20 mins away drive from my hometwon of Hull and yet, I’ve never been. 

And you know what?

It’s utterly and breath-takingly beautiful. 

Especially in the snow and ice that dotted the landscape. 

What is Beverley Westwood?


As one of the best areas of common land in all of England, Beverley Westwood is a pasture to the south east of the town of Beverley where the locals still has the right to graze cattle and sheep on the land. Given to the people by the Lord of the Manor in 1380, Beverley has seen its prosperity rise thanks to the milling that occured through the ages in the Westwood. Chalk taken was used for the Beverley street foundations, clay was used for brick-making by local brick-makers – you can see evidence thanks to the town’s North Bar. You can actually see the signs of this industry due to the many hollows and pits that shape Beverley Westwood and also the old Blackmill on its highest point, one of five windmills which once could be found on Beverley Westwood. 

Also, Beverley Westwood takes in an area called the Burton Bushes, whch is the last surviving remnant of the Old West Wood. Perhaps, it’s time to get your boots and start exploring!


‘There you are! It was hard to find you! It’s so popular today!’

Apologies tumbled out of my mouth to my friend who stood waiting, tapping his feet, next to his car. Already his dog inside was restless, expression expectant and ready to go. 

I was right. The Westwood looked busy for a Sunday morning, crwaling with dog walkers with galloping dogs next to them, and love-struck couples, wrapped up warm, in hand with each other and possibly eyes locked on each other. 

My dog suddenly gave a yap, bringing my day-dream of ramming down a snowball in a couple’s jumper. (I’m not bitter…really). 

I worried. My dog isn’t a socialable dog and I wondered if she would cope with many dogs in her eyeline. Already she was staring, heckles up. Luckily, the muzzle will keep her in check. The reason why I wanted to go on this dog walking play date was to see how my dog would cope after a while in the company of others dogs. 

Taking her a brisk walk around old trees, which stood firm in the ice, and feeling their eyes on me, I still couldn’t get over the beauty of the place. Especially, when others arrived with their dogs and went for a good hour’s walk through scenery that could look like it should be in a blockbuster movie. Check out the pics below. 

Yes, I now have a beard!


All in all, I absolutely loved the walk. So did my dog too, after 20 mins of crazed behaviour, suddenly calmed down to walk alongside other dogs! 

So, I’m so utterly delighted for a Sunday morning, that I got to visit one of the best parks to visit in East Yorkshire, but also for a good experience that I hoped for the last few years. 

Meanwhile, will I return to Beverley Westwood? Of course, just 20 minutes down the road, just try to stop me.  


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