Well. It’s been a rubbish year for travel, hasn’t it?

Even with a chance to explore my local area at country parks, beaches and rural areas, the thrill of getting on a plane, train or even a bus to somewhere was certainly missing this year. I had plans to visit Europe this year including Montenegro, Albania, Estonia and Switzerland but unfortunately, all had to be cancelled.

But I kept my love of travel alive by reading travel diaries, exploring the world on SkyScanner and quietly planning for next year should the pandemic be over by then.

I was a little ambitious, yearning to travel further than Europe as the last time I went outside the continenent was South Africa in 2019.

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From talking with my regular travel partner, Mark, we optimistically started thinking about where to go in 2021. Let’s see what they are: 





It’s been a tickle to see people’s reactions when they are informed that I’m going to Albania, usually with a crinkled nose:

‘Really? Albania? What’s there?’

Exactly! No one seems to know and that’s the part of travel I love so much: venturing into the unknown and sharing with you what I found!

Both Mark and had always wanted to go to Albania for the best part of the last two years but with life and medical stuff getting in the way, both of us kept putting it off to ensure we get the best out of Albania.

First on our top to do in Albania is to hike the ‘Accursed Mountains’ in Northern Albania. It’s a brilliant place to get away from 21st centurty Europe and explore the stunning and scenic green valleys, the jagged rock pinnacles and the very traditional villages that dot around. Plus, there’s forests also where wolves still roam – yes, it’s positively medieval!

Other than the Accursed Mountains, we look forward to be exploring ‘The City of a Thousand Windows’ – Berat – one of the countries oldest cities wth Ottoman influences, the Llogora Pass – of the most scenic drives in the world, the ruins of Apollonia and checking out the Albanian side of Lake Ohrid.

We cannot wait!


South Korea 


Oooh, it’s a big trip idea! Thinking of going to South Korea and being back in Asia gives me tingles down my back!


I want to be constantly surprised! South Korea can be weird and gobsmacking, wonderful and gorgeous from what I read about the country. This country has robots everywhere, out of this world culinary dishes, mind-blowing customs and scenic areas that’s absolutely brilliant! To be honest, I don’t want to plan what I’m going to do in South Korea. I want to land there and let the craziness take me to keep giving me surprises!




Towards the end of the year, I’d like to find myself in Latvia for the Christmas markets in Riga and also to enjoy wintry experiences outside the capital – including bobsleighing and running around their adventure park at Sigulda!

Also, I’ve been inspired lately by the #TasteOfLatvia campaign by Magnetic Latvia to try out new culinary dishes and build a visit to this Baltic country around the scrumptious food there. Let’s get this going!



So, what do you think to those destinations? Perhaps you’d like to tell me where you are thinking of going in 2021 once the pandemic is over? Let me know in the comments below!