You’re going to ski and are in search for a really unforgettable experience? Consider one of the most symbolic European heights — Monte Cervino, also known as Matterhorn, located in the landscapes of both Italy and Switzerland.

As someone who likes to find an unforgettable experience in unexpected destinations, (and in need of a good ski lesson or two), here’s why the iconic peak should be on your radar: 

Monte Cervino


1. Monte Cervino is located right on the border between Switzerland and Italy, in the beauty of the Central Alps. It is well visible both from the city of Zermatt in Switzerland and Breuil-Cervinia in Italy. The mountain is 4,478 meters high (14,692 feet above the level of the sea), and is considered one of the highest mountains in Europe.

 2. The mountaintop of Monte Cervino is renowned for its unusual pyramid-shaped peak. The mountain itself offers a variety of challenging climbing routes, including the well-known Hornli Ridge in its northern part, which is considered to be among the most difficult and beautiful routes.

3. Climbers and visitors to Monte Cervino frequently use the neighboring towns of Zermatt in Switzerland and Cervinia in Italy as base camps. There is also a beautiful 5-star resort in the mountains of Cervino.

4. If you appreciate local tourism, Switzerland’s Zermatt and Italian Cervinia will be a finding to you.

Switzerland’s Zermatt is a completely car-free town, that’s why it’s so incredibly clean and giving an impression of being frozen in time. 

Only electric vehicles are allowed there. You will also find  “The Matterhorn Museum” there, which explains the culture of the region and in particular the history of Monte Cervino. 

The town of Cervinia is located in Val d’Aosta, one of the most mountainous regions of Italy.  Cervinia is known not only for its unbelievable landscapes but also for the particular local cuisine: cheeses, wine, and beef with polenta.  It’s a famous destination for both winter and summer tourism.

5. The first group of climbers to successfully reach the summit of Monte Cervino was the one of Edward Whymer in the summer of 1865. Sadly, not all the members of the group made it out alive—four of the climbers fell to death during the descent. This incident made it clear that there should be safety regulations for climbing. 

6.The region of Monte Cervino is home to beautiful wildlife, you may see ibex, chamois, golden eagles and marmots.

7. The Alps themselves are frequently represented by Monte Cervino. Its shape and dominant presence make it a globally known emblem of alpine beauty, and it is actually included in advertisements promoting travel to both Switzerland and Italy. Monte Cervino is the natural border separating the Italian region of Aosta from the Swiss canton of Valais and its border location has historically influenced the way in shaping cultural interactions between both countries. 

8. The Swiss 1,000 franc banknote mentions Monte Cervino, for its cultural importance as one of the country’s most identifiable and famous landmarks.


As a fellow admirer of the natural world, I know everyone who loves the great outdoors and sports including hikers and climbers would enjoy going to Monte Cervino because of its stunning vistas of its peaks, glaciers, and alpine scenery. If you’re one of them, you’re going to love it. 

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