It’s the middle of the night. You can hear the faint whir of the fan trying its utmost hardest to blow recycled warm air on your body, you’re uncomfortable with the stickiness of your sweat on top of the sheets and you can feel the compressing of humid heat weigh upon you. You’ve guessed it, wherever you are – whether on your travels or at home – trying to sleep whilst feeling warm is one of the irritating things in life you will surely come across. 

“How about a pillow on you?”

I laughed mirthly one morning, sipping an iced coffee and after wincing at my bedraggled hair and the lines under my eyes in the reflection of the toaster next to me. Setting down my drink, I looked at my partner, raised my eyebrow and asked if he was mad to suggest a layer to be placed on my roasting body for what was going to be yet another hot night. 

“No! I mean a COOLING pillow”

My ears pricked up further. If there was anything else to cool me down in the night to give me the much-needed sleep for my endeavours in the day, I was all for it. The only other option was to pack icebags around me.

So, off I went searching online and hey presto, enter the Simba Sleep Body Cooling Pillow.

After ordering this, I was delighted to see it was delivered quickly (and tracked so I can see when it would arrive in the day of delivery) and eagerly opened the packaging on my bed. 

Simba Sleep Cooling Pillow
Simba Cooling Pillow with Ed

It was rather neatly packed with the pillow folded within the Simba bag and looked aesthetically pleasing. I was happy to see that the cooling pillow could be folded and packed away in the morning rather than left on the bed.

But now, the true test. Would I have a ‘cool night’?


The Cool Test


Setting up for the night ahead, I placed the cooling pillow next to me and wrapped my body around it. Immediately, I could feel the coolness permeate into my skin. I happily sighed, until I was interrupted by my partner chuckling at the sight of me as he entered into the room. He asked why I chose a rather large body pillow… a pregnancy pillow perchance?

Well, after confirming that I was not indeed pregnant, I listed the attributes of the pillow that offers not just cooling but to help with my sleep: 

1) It’s designed for side sleepers. We all have our own sleeping positions but my default sleep mode is to sleep on my side which sometimes isn’t helpful for my posture and often wakes me up with a few aches in the morning (I’m not a spritely young chicken anymore). Having this body pillow allows me to have my body correctly positioned and aligns my body reducing the pressure on my shoulders and hips. Simply tuck the pillow into your body, hugging into your arms and place one leg underneath and one leg on top.

2) It feels fresh. With recycled plastic fibres into soft clusters, it provides cushioning and breathability so it doesn’t feel like it sticks to you.

3) The main reason – it has ‘cool touch’ tech which allows heat dissipation allowing the pillow to have that much needed cool and fresh touch.

4) It’s environmentally friendly. As a keen reduce, reuse and recycler, I like to ensure that the items in my house are from sustainable sources. Simba proudly claims it’s Renew BioFill for the stuffing inside of recycled plastic fibres, and it also has a removable and washable cotton casing, which avoids the need to consistently replace the pillow after a limited period of time. So, I can have this pillow as long as I can possibly can.

Giving a ‘so there’ look, I carried on tucking into my cooling pillow for the rest of the warm night on top of my sheets and turned the lights off. It wasn’t until when I woke up just before daybreak to settle my dog from barking that I realised that I had a good night and the cooling pillow remained… you guessed it… cool. I was positively delighted!

Simba Cooling Pillow Sleeping
Simba Cooling Pillow Happy

For the next few warm nights, I had unbroken sleep and even when the nights got cooler, I found myself using it more and more as it also allowed me to wake up feeling much more refreshed for the day ahead without any aches. 

The only drawback? 

I now have competition for the use of this Simba Sleep Body Cooling Pillow! On the third night I had this, I went out and came back home late only to find my partner hugging my cool companion. He wanted to try out for himself without my ‘told you so’, promptly feel asleep with it and became a convert! 

So, now we constantly fight over the pillow and it’s every man for himself! 

So, what do I reckon to this body cooling pillow for my travels (in its portable bag to travel with me) or at home? I definitely give it the thumbs up!


Simba Cooling Pillow Thumbs Up

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