Travel Blog Roll

The Travel Blogs You Must Read

There’s no better feeling than discovering a new travel blog.

When I was in my corporate job crunching numbers away, I typed in travel reviews for Munich. There I discovered a travel blog. I read all that travel blog wasting an entire afternoon’s work. That travel blog had recommendations for other travel blogs so that evening, I read two more. Day by day, I discovered more and more to the point I was utterly inspired to travel and leave my job behind. But then soon enough, I was inspired to do my travel blog. RexyEdventures was born.

So every now and again, I look through my favourite and latest travel blogs have to offer and either ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ them. I even generally let the bloggers know they are doing a great job with an appreciative comment! After that, we have a good exchange of travel conversation and therein starts a beautiful travelship…

All of the guys below are my Travel Buddies and I extremely urge you look at their blogs showing their amazing adventures and travels!