Deaf Travel

I have been on many great rexy edventures but none so as my deafness journey.

I am profoundly deaf in both ears in which I wear a hearing aid in one and a cochlear implant in another. Both enable me to listen fantastically and hear everything that goes around me. For my Personal Tale of my Deafness, click on the image link below:

photo (4)

Recently, I went through a Cochlear Implant Operation in August 2011 on my ‘dead’ ear (couldn’t hear even with hearing aids) and 4 months later, I am able to get by and hear even more than I could with just the use of a cochlear implant 🙂 🙂  See below and click on the link about my journey:

photo (5)

Want to know how the Cochlear Implant Works? Watch this space…

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