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Sometimes A Handsome Travel Blogger is Sought After!

So, RexyEdventures is famous!

Not really. Just a little bit. It’s only as big as my head!

I just want to say thanks to the many travel companies, brands and bloggers for giving me invaluable exposure on their websites. You’re all wonderful people.

As you can see you have Mentions and Interviews below. Mentions are those that gave me shout outs on their websites to embellish how good looking I am (Serious!), what top list I had the privilege of getting into, or to simply tell their readers what travels I was getting up to. I was also interviewed by many top travel brands and bloggers to find out what really made RexyEdventures tick. I’ll give you a clue – slugs. 

If you want to mention me or perhaps even interview me, you’re welcome to drop me an email to

Happy Reading!

Ed Rex x




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