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Welcome to RexyEdventures.com and I just know that you are in for a travel journey to remember! If you’re new here, this is a fantastic place for you to start and well, if you aren’t new, hopefully you’ll find this to be of a good refresh for the handsome and unexpected travels behind this website. Anyway, the handsome creature featured on this ever so delightful website is me! “Hello!” I’m Ed Rex and I’ve been travelling professionally since 2011 and as an amateur since I was four months old. (Who said babies can’t travel?!) At the moment in 2020, I am now living in Hull, City of Culture 2017, working as a Marketing Consultancy of my own business Ed Rex Marketing, however, I still love to travel whenever I can, domestic or international. The last nine years has been absolutely brilliant with epic trips to South Africa, Australia, USA, Brazil, Iceland, Finland, Belgium, Italy, Germany and more! And next year in 2021, there’s no sign of stopping me as I am making plans to visit South Korea, Albania and the Baltics!

RexyEdventures is all about inspiring you to travel through my adventures of this handsome and deaf luxury travel backpacker travelling the unexpected! So, as you can guess, I have different quirks to my travel personality! But I hope my website will become a fantastic travel resource for you.

Meanwhile, in my spare time, I’m often found in front of a mirror practising that perfect selfie, being petrified of slugs, wallowing in a hot bath with my rubber ducky or sharing a pint with anyone who’s willing to listen to my travel ramblings. Maybe you’re better off learning more about me personally in my About Me page…

But I’m sure you’re looking for travel inspiration. Just simply look down the page and you’ll see the best of my articles that has proven popular with my readers and myself. But first, I really ought to think you need to sign up to my regular newsletter, How about signing up at the subscribe form? Or perhaps you would want to check out my RexyEdventures Facebook Page or tweet me on my Twitter profile or perhaps peeve on all the handsome photos of myself on my Instagram page? It’s up to you compulsory.

Have fun reading and if you have any questions, drop me an email at rexyedventures@gmail.com

Ed x

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Here you will find the four most viewed travel articles on RexyEdventures.com since it was set up in 2011. Ah, it sure does bring back memories…

Personal Favourites


Every time I think of travelling, these are the four memories I immediately think of. Whether it’s achieving my dreams to undertake adventures in Iceland or throwing myself off a ledge 137 metres high! Check them out 🙂

Top Asia Posts 

From Bangkok to Singapore, I spent three months in South East Asia exploring the cultural delights of Thailand, getting back to nature in Laos, headed into history in Cambodia and undertook daring adventures in Vietnam. That was all before checking out the delectable food in Malaysia and the luxury in Singapore.

Top Oceania Posts 

I achieved a chance of a lifetime and all my dreams when I set foot on New Zealand. To this day, New Zealand is my favourite country EVER! You need to read more to find out. But don’t forget to check out my hilarious adventures campervanning around Australia and my time in paradise in the South Pacific island of Fiji.

Top South America Posts

It was a cold and dank Winter in the UK when I made the decision to jet off to glorious Summer in South America. Starting in glamorous Argentina, I drank far too much wine, danced loads and saw the country up close. Crossing at the border at the mighty Iguazu Falls, Brazil was next where I soon became involved in the party festival that is the Rio Carnival!

Top Africa Posts

I confess that I’ve only ever been to Uganda in Africa but my goodness, it was a world away! I went on a volunteering trip with Softpower Education to help build and refurbish schools in Northern Uganda at Murchison National Park. But on our weekends off, I went to see the heartwarming country through epic safaris, adrenaline white water rafting and getting competitive with the locals.

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