Unexpected Travel

You never know where the journey will take you...

Sometimes the best travelling are left unplanned…

Sometimes on my travels, I just book my transport to a new destination and leave any planning on the table. I go with an open mind and become pleasantly or not so pleasantly surprised at what I find myself get up to. This is unexpected travelling. Perhaps I’ll experience a secret place with a local and see from their perspective. Or I’ll just accidentally walk into situations out of my control… like the time I accidentally found out I had to work on a nudist resort in the buff…

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Ed x

The RomeHello Hostel Review

The RomeHello Hostel Review

Oh wow! Now that’s a hello from The Rome Hello Hostel! Wandering in from the front of the entrance of The Rome Hello Hostel, my mouth grew open in amazement as I reached the foyer past the eclectic street art designs that adorned the hall walls.I knew I was expecting this to be a brand new look feel, but what struck me was the homely feel already set in place.

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