Travelling on the road really does take it out of your appearance so what should you do to keep looking fresh and healthy? As I have contact lenses and dry skin on my face, it’s important for me to keep exfoliating my skin and take care looking after my lenses. So who would be the best person to tell you this? I asked Braxton Lockwood…


As backpackers, we’re almost obligated to succumb to the elements associated with life on the road. We sleep in bungalows in remote villages, eat foods that we know might make us sick, go days without bathing, and partake in crazy activities that we normally would want no parts of all for the experience and love of the journey that is travel. Although we often shove caution to the side in order to fully enjoy our excursions, we must maintain a certain level of self care during our travels. Whether it be something minor like keeping up with your grooming or something major like maintaining proper dental hygiene, caring for yourself whilst travelling is just as important as the experiences you’ll have during your journey.


Grooming on the Go

Although backpackers aren’t typically concerned with their appearances while on the road, it’s still important that we adhere to some personal hygiene guidelines. Because backpackers need to pack as little as possible for their extensive trips, things like caring for your hair is not a big priority. While you don’t have to cut your hair or shave as often, there are still aspects of your personal hair care that you should maintain. You may not be able to bring your entire shave kit, but simple items like disposable razors and scissors work miracles and will help you combat against unwanted facial hair (well, as much as possible). Ladies who wish to shave while backpacking should use Gillette Venus disposable razors with moisture strips that make it easy for you to shave without having to whip out the can of shaving cream.

Carting Contacts

Contact lenses are much easier to travel with than glasses as they aren’t as cumbersome, are easy to pack and stow, and won’t get in the way of your fun like glasses sometimes can. Eye-care professionals even recommend that those with eye conditions, such as astigmatism, wear contact lenses instead of glasses. While travelling with contact lenses isn’t as big of a hassle as wearing glasses are, you must be twice as careful and cautious when backpacking. Because your eyes are more vulnerable to injury and infection while travelling, you must take extra special care when handling and storing your lenses. Learn more about travelling with ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses.


About Face

Travel takes a toll on your skin, and your face is the most susceptible to damage from the elements. Thus, it’s important that you practice adequate skin care when you’re on the road. Remember to stay hydrated, moisturize, and keep your face as clean as possible. As unappealing as it may sound, cod liver oil is a great travelling product that brightens and repairs dull, acne-prone skin, improve hair shine and strength, and gives you a nice, healthy boost of Vitamins A and D, which can enhance your immune system. Remember to slather on the sunscreen, particularly on your face. You should also bring along some sort of facial scrub that’ll exfoliate your skin and get rid of the gunk that comes with travelling.


AUTHOR: Braxton Lockwood – Braxton is a freelance writer, adventurer, and sports enthusiast. When he’s not writing you can find him enjoying the fresh air of the great outdoors. He has several published articles on the topics of health and fitness.


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